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Welcome to the Rainbow Mods & Props Mod Archive

As some of you know all my creations get names as well as their individual numbers. This applies to all modified toy blasters that leave my shop. So purely 3D printed blasters are not included, it has to have some sort of base blaster. The numbers are normally written, painted, glued or attached in some other form to the outside of the blaster. If a customer does not want this on their commission the blaster will still get a number in my directory so I can keep track of my projects. This archive is to show every mod I made that has an LS number. Enjoy!

LS-13 Firestrike

The Nerf Firestrike was, and probably still is my favourite one shot Nerf blaster out there. The fact that it comes with this cool tactical light is just awesome. I…
20171204_221155 (small)

LS-12 Nerf RoughCut

The RoughCut has been one of my favourite blasters from the start. So its no coincidence that the second mod in my paint scheme was a Nerf RoughCut. This all…