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LS-11 Nerf Strongarm ~ My First painted Nerf Mod

LS-11 Nerf Strongarm Mod

So this is it, my first ever painted Nerf Mod ever. It is a modded Nerf Strongarm that has been completely hand painted on my original colour scheme.

I build this paintjob exactly the same as all the other of my early blasters. So started with a purple base coat using Montana spray paints and then I build up the magenta and pink highlights using a mix of dry-brushing and ‘wet/dry-brushing’. I made this with a very fine brush to it took hours. Its also one of the reasons why I stopped this kind of paint scheme eventually.

All highlights and metallic accents are painted by hand as well using Citadel game colours and a very fine model brush. The Gold/bronze in the front of the blaster was done with Montana spay paints a well.

As this was my first proper paintjob it took me way to long. I believe I worked more than 16 hours on that one. I also made one beginners mistake and assembled the blaster to early. The clear coat was fully dry and has now sealed the blaster together XD.

Watch a video of this blaster right here.

Nerf Strongarm Mod before and afterLS-11 grip close up LS-11 cylinder close up

And I know that many will ask why this has number 11 but apparently was my first mod. It was not my first mod, but it was my first painted blaster at the time. There are several other blasters which I had modded before but non of them were painted up until then. I will make a separate post about those early blasters.

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