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LS-14 Retaliator with magazines

Nerf Retaliator LS-14

Nerf Retaliator LS-14

This is my first modded Retaliator. I really like this blaster but I find the original front attachment very useless (for this setup at least).
So my Retaliator got the Nerf silencer that fits every blaster (this one*).

I really like the new short form factor of this setup:

Nerf Retaliator LS-14 modded Nerf Retaliator mod LS-14

With this blaster being the first magazine fed blaster I painted in my colour scheme I decided to paint some matching 18rd nerf magazines. They look super awesome but since you kind of don’t want to drop them on the floor the are more a novelty item than something I ever used in a Nerf game XD.

Modded NERF 18 magazines Modded Nerf Retaliator LS-14 with magazines

Paintjob of the Nerf Retaliator LS-14

The Paintjob is very much the same as all my other early blasters. So started with a purple base coat using Montana spray paints and then I build up the magenta and pink highlights using a mix of dry-brushing and ‘wet/dry-brushing’. I made this with a very fine brush to it took hours. Even though I was already thinking that this is to much work I figured I can do one more blaster like this. The magazines took forever though!

All highlights and metallic accents are painted by hand as well using Citadel game colours and a very fine model brush. The Gold/bronze in the front of the blaster was done with Montana spay paints a well.

Internal mods

The Nerf Retaliator LS-14 also has some internal modifications. I swapped the main spring for a 5kg replacement spring and also update the catch spring. I also modified the trigger slightly to be a little more responsive by adding some layers of plastic to the back to the trigger.

You can also see and learn more about this blaster in this video.

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