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Available Filaments

General information

This is a collection of my available filaments. This list is always up for changes and some filaments might be temporarily out of stock, some might be discontinued, so always make sure to double check with me. If a colour you order is out of stock at the time of your order I will let you know. In that case you can either change your selection or wait until that colour is restocked.

My standard material is PLA so that’s the biggest selection of colours at the moment. I print everything in PLA unless requested otherwise or the part needs to be printed in PETG for example. Please be aware that the colours of different material might look different even though they are both named the same.

You can always contact me if you want a special filament for your custom order. I am happy to look into new filaments for you (filament setup charges may apply).

Contruction notice: Some filaments are currently missing their picture but are still in stock. Will be updated asap.

PLA Filaments

PETG Filaments

My PETG range is currently expanding. Basically every PETG colour from dasfilament.de is readily available.
If you can’t find you colour here please check: https://www.dasfilament.de/filament-spulen/petg-1-75-mm/