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LS-15 Jefe’s Doublestrike

Jefes Doublestrike LS-15

Jefe’s Doublestrike LS-15

I remember the LS-15 very well. This was my first ever commission job so to speak. At my first ever Nerf event in 2018, where I also met Jefe from Jefe’s World of Dartblasters for the first time, Jefe gave me a Nerf Doublestrike and asked me to mod it for him in my colour scheme because he likes it and wants to add it to his Doublestrike collection. I felt so humbled at this point because I was only two months in the hobby and a German legend like Jefe wanted me to build something for his collection. It was awesome. So I made this:
LS-15 Doublestrike back Jefes Doublestrike LS-15

I did my usual paint scheme, because that is what he requested. So like the Retaliator LS-14 and all the others before it I started with a purple spray paint base coat followed by several layers of dry brushing. I wanted to add something special though, so I added some holographic glitter to the clear coat layers.
Jefes Doublestrike again

I also spent a lot of time hand painting the fake wrap with some small brushes and acrylic paints and shades that I still had from back when I was building little models.

Painting Jefes Doublestrike Doublestrike LS-15 grip It was really good fun and I love how to grip turned out!

Over all this was a really fun little project and Jefe could not be happier with it. It is now part of his Doublestrike wall of Awesomeness so if you ever get a chance to see that collection keep and eye out for this one.

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