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Let’s answer some questions:


What does LS stand for and why do you put it on your blasters?

LS stands for Love & Sunshine. When I really got into painting my Nerf blasters I thought it would be a cool idea to give them numbers (and later names as well) to keep track of what I did when and how many mods I made in total. But I didn’t just want to have a running number and also didn’t want to use my initials. Also Rainbow Mods & Props did not exist at the time I started doing this so I didn’t use RMP either. The reason I landed on LS was that I sign all my emails and letter with Love & Sunshine, and had been doing so for years. So I felt that’s kind of my thing you I chose LS for the number/signature as well.

How long will my order take?

That will honestly depend on what you ordered and how busy I am overall. While I run my 3D print farm almost 24/7 I do also have other jobs and work to get done. This means that sometimes even smaller orders can take longer to be processed. I try my very best to get the orders out within 2-4 weeks after the payment is received. But please be patient if your order takes longer than expected. Feel free to contact me about the status of your order at any time though.

3D printed parts production

General disclaimer:

All 3D-printed parts are printed in Germany. We try our best to deliver high quality prints and therefore update our printers and software regularly. But even with high quality standards and a vigorous quality control we cannot guarantee every print to look the same. It’s the nature of 3D-printing that the finished product might show some minor defects or imperfections. But trust me when I say, I will never send out anything that I would be happy receiving myself. We have multiple people working on quality control to make sure we look at function, form and details from different angles to ensure you the best possible outcome.

Which Material is the best? Or, why do I mostly print PLA?

Choosing the right material for your 3d prints is essential for good results. I often get asked why I mostly print in PLA when there is tougher, or let’s say different, materials out there like PETG, ABS, ASA and more. Now, long story short, PLA is the easiest to print and still one of the most versatile materials in my opinion. While PETG is less brittle than PLA and ABS/ASA is more temperature and impact resistant when printed well, those materials are still more effort to print than PLA. ABS/ASA even needs different printer setups like an enclosure and exhaust/air filter system. In most cases of my prints the potential benefits of using other materials than PLA like PETG or ABS/ASA do not outweigh those inconveniences when printing.
If you want to learn more about these materials I highly recommend checking out this video by CNC kitchen.

And last but not least, PLA is the cheapest of all those materials so printing in PETG or ABS/ASA will be more expensive for you and me. 🙂

To quote Stefan from CNC kitchen:
In the end, there is no best material. Every one of them has its pros and cons! PLA is still my go-to material due to the ease of printing, the high strength and stiffness. If you want to avoid the printing odor and still a bit more hassle during printing but need the ductility and more toughness, PETG is a nice alternative to PLA. ASA especially shines at higher temperatures and demanding applications but at least without a special setup suffers in terms of layer adhesion. Still, due to the odor I avoid the material if I can.‘ – I 100% agree with that statement.

If you want to learn more about the specific differences of each material, check out my blog post.

How long will it take you to print my order?

That really depends on how big the order is and how much I have to do. Since I print almost everything to order please allow 2-3 weeks of production time. From my experience this is a solid estimate overall. However, if you need a rushed order you can send me an email and I will see what I can do. (additional charges may apply)

Can I change the colours I ordered?

As long as I did not start printing your parts you can change almost any colour. If you feel like you want to change something get in touch asap. Once an the prints for your order are started these cannot be changed anymore.

Do you offer full built versions of 3D printed blasters?

Maybe 😉 – Due to shipping regulations there are some limitations in offering complete builds to all customers. Also building blasters take up more time and I will have to charge extra for building and testing the blasters. However, I am happy to talk about an individual build request so do not hesitate to contact me about it if you want your blaster already built and tested.



What are the shipping costs to my country?

Shipping costs vary from country to country. They are also dependent on weight and size of the package. The website calculates the shipping costs based on this. If you add products to the cart you can check the shipping costs there.

Can you ship any cheaper?

Unfortunately not. I spent a lot of time trying to find the cheapest yet reliable and insured shipping methods for all possible destinations and selected them to the best of my knowledge. For your security Rainbow Mods & Props will not ship any package without insurance.

However if you have any suggestions about other shipping services, please let me know as I am always striving to improve my service.

When I look up your shipping services I find different prices online, why is that?

My shipping prices include the actual postage price (which is the one you can find on the companies webpage) plus the costs for shipping and packaging materials (boxes, bubble wrap, tape, packing paper, labels, etc.). It might be a surprise to some, but I don’t get my shipping boxes and bubble wrap for free ;). I try to recycle boxes and packaging material where I can, but I normally do have to buy those things as well. Some shipments use more material, some use less so I did calculate an average amount of 7€ which I add to every shipment. So if you are wondering why my shipping prices differ from the ones you find on the shipping companies website, this is why. Thanks for understanding!

Why don’t you ship to my country?

Please contact me to ask about it. I try to add shipping to all countries, but I may have missed some. Please contact me and I will look into it and add it to the system.

How long will it take to ship to my country?

This is a tough question to answer, even in normal times. But since Corona it feels like every shipping company acts at their own leisure. Unfortunately I can only tell you, what they tell me:
– Shipping to Germany: 2-5 days
– Shipping to Europe: 8-15 days
– Shipping to USA: 3-5 weeks
– Shipping to Australia: 4-6 weeks
– Shipping to anywhere else: 3-8 weeks

I am truly sorry if your package takes longer than expected but I hope you understand that there is nothing I can do about these delivery times.

I haven’t received my shipment yet, where is it?

Please check the average delivery times listed above. If you are still within that time frame just be patient and check the provided tracking options. It might take up to a week for the provider to update tracking details.
If you are way over the average time frame, please get in touch so I can contact the delivery company on my end to see what is going on.

My shipment with Hermes Borderguru says its been returned/delivered weeks ago?!

Yes, that is a confusing one. So with Borderguru being a rather new Hermes service they have a weird internal system. They explained it to me like this: When I purchase an international delivery with Borderguru they internally treat it as a return delivery within Germany to collect all of them at a certain branch office. After that they will be re-labelled and shipped to their destinations. The tracking system however treats it like a delivered return once it reaches that office and will only be updated once it reaches the destination country/area. So this means that your status might potentially say ‘delivered’ for weeks without being updated.
According to their customer service, they are working on implementing a new IT system for the Borderguru branch but I have no idea how long that will take.

So far, every Borderguru shipment made it safe and sound, so fingers crossed yours will get to you soon as well!



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