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List of business partners – Otherwise knows as fellow associates

This is a list of all my business partners so you can see who I work with. I have individual deals with every one of them regarding the sales of printed parts of one or multiple of their designs and vice versa. So when you see those names listed in the shop you can find more information about them here.

Flatten the Skyline

Fellow German Nerf modder, long time LARPer and former engineer Flatten is a good friend of mine and my go to person for quick design help and problem solving. He is responsible for the resin printed Medusa SCAR barrels as well as the major design of our Rampage and Raider kits.
He is also always the last one at our mod parties to still sit there and geek out about little things.
You can find his web shop here.


The guy with the funny name, Wurstwerfer is known for his CNC machined and delrin parts. Him and I have been working together since early 2020 and he is the guy responsible for putting my vision of the Gecko barrels to life.


Ehdrien is the mastermind behind the Gecko (amongst other cool things) and this is what started out partnership. It has been fun prototyping his ideas and bouncing my ideas of his creative mind every now and then. He is constantly helping me with his design wisdom and I am happy to say that we have more coming to the shop very soon.

Trip Miller / RadioactivesDesigns

The legendary Hammershot dude, Trip Miller from RadioactivesDesigns has been the first overseas partner of Rainbow Mods & Props. I had his hammershot inline clip cylinders in the shop for a while now and there is more to come. I do assist him with prototyping and he also does some design work for me.


The TimETraveller has been the main source of inspiration for my The Traveller BigShock kit. But he also does a lot of other great stuff. There will be more to come in the future. In the meantime he is also a great help for me in terms of hardware setup, printer tuning and repairs and I am happy to have his help when I need it.


The girls from Foamdemic and I have been working together since mid 2020. This is a really productive partnership and I am glad to have their products in my shop. Likewise they do have the license to sell my parts and kits.

Taffert Designs

My friend Sean over at Taffert Designs makes some really cool stuff. I have a bunch of his designs licensed for my shop. We also started working together on several project like the Gecko Fiber Sight and the Gonzo Grip System. Taffert Designs and Rainbow Mods&Props have been partners since late 2021. Make sure go check out his sight: www.taffert.com


Milan from DevilzNerfworks has been a friend ever since we went to FoamFest together back in 2019. He is an amazing designer and I am working together with him on several projects. I also have the license to sell some of his stuff in my shop. But if you can’t find it here, go check out his shop.


TheLoneWolf has been a part of our local Nerfwars way before I was there. It’s always good fun to play against him. He used to be my go to person for printed parts before I had my own printer. Now he is helping me with design questions and I am also happy to say that I am licensed to print and sell his awesome designs.


Ever since I first saw the Second Wind by CYardNerf those guys have been on my radar. Since August 2020 we have officially been working together and I have the rights to print and sell their sweet BigShock mods.

Campbell’s Nerf Works

Scratch Campbell is the designer of the Strylfe kit for Captain X and has been a partner for quite a while now. I am very happy to have the rights to sell his kits.


Being inspired by my inline clip work SomeDingus made an awesome BigShock Mod. But thats not all. He has several great designs and is a very cool dude to work with. I am really happy to have some of his designs in my shop.


I have been partnered up with MôrBlasters since the start of the year and have his RATT break action blaster in my shop.


I started working with Meaker a few months ago because his designs are really sweet. A lot of his stuff is also available through my shop.


Shadow Archery

And last but definitely not least, my friend Yairo from Shadow Archery. He has been helping me with setting up this website and is a constant punching ball for my ideas. He has got some skill and knows a lot about SEO optimization, so if you ever need help with that, I can highly recommend his work. He is also a decent archer, on a good day ;).