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LS-16 Phoenix ~ My first integration!

Phoenix LS-16

Phoenix LS-16 ~ time to get into blaster integration!

Phoenx LS-16 right side      Phoenix LS-16 left side
The Phoenix LS-16 was my first ever integration. When I just started the hobby I had no idea what I was doing but I loved the idea of integrating different blasters. I love the look of the Crossfire but its not very battle effective, so I combined it with a Stryfe. And because I had a RS Stock laying abouts I put that on there as well. The stock stays in its extended position which makes the blaster rather long, but the perfect fit for my size. The integration is done using hot glue for the first bonds and then lots of milliput to hold it together. Because I made a straight cut and had no overlapping shell parts I ended up using lots of milliput to sculpt the area where the two blasters meet, creating this new arrow look. – I mean, we all started somewhere, right XD –

WiP on Phoenix LS-16    Phoenix LS-16 ready to paint

I also used a cut of from the crossfire shell on the Stryfe shell to make it look more symmetrical and fit the RS stock better. In the front I have used the space underneath the barrel to integrate a flash light which I think fits really nice and is a way better use of the space then having a two dart storage.

Flash light in LS-16


I have fully integrated a Modulus front grip which has a little thumb switch for the flash light. Connecting this little switch to the batteries switch was a real pain….I am super thankful for Dominik from the German Nerfing community for being patient and helping me out with that!





Phoenix LS-16 spray paintedThe paint job is done using spray paints as a base and then was hand painted using acrylic paints, hours and hours of dry brushing and lots of detail work.

Phoenix LS-16 hand paint


The name Phoenix just came to whilst working on it and it kinda stuck so I went with it. The LS-16 is my signature/number. LS stands for love and sunshine and 16 being the number of the blaster.

Internally the blaster is completely rewired with 18 AWG wire and a 15A micro switch. At first I was running the stock motors and stock cage with 3 IMRs but I ran into some issues with darts getting stuck in the long worker barrel. So I upgraded it to an OFP Morpheus cage with black worker wheels and 130 motors (Slotdevil 1033 RC motors). Still running on IMRs because I had no clue about Li-Po batteries back then. Honestly, this blaster became more of a decorative piece then a battle blaster end even though it has seen some action I have not used it in a while. So it will probably stay in this configuration.

LS-16 size comparison


All in all it took me more then 40 hours to build this, of which I spent probably 20+ on painting.

You can find more information in this YouTube video.


<–just for size comparison 😉





Have you ever tried a integration? If so, what was it? If not, would you like to? – Let me know in the comments below!

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