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Shipping Information

General Information

Rainbow Mods & Props ships worldwide! Yes, you heard right. I try to make my creations and products available to everyone out there.
I also try to ship as fast as I can, however, being a one man operation I only get two post runs per week at the most.

Under normal circumstances I have your order sent out within 14 days after the final payment going through. However this only applies for products that are readily available. That means for all custom orders, be it a blaster, a paintjob, 3D printed parts of any kind or anything else I specifically make for you this does not apply. In this case you can check the current lead time for these kind of orders on this page but I will also inform you about the estimated production time for your order before you finish your purchase. Furthermore you can check the Terms & Conditions, Section 6: Delivery and Risk transfer for more information on the shipping.

Lead Time

3D Printed Parts

The current average lead time for 3D printed parts is: 3-5 weeks
The current lead time for completed Gecko blasters is: 4-7 weeks
This is an estimate time frame depending on the amount of orders I currently have. It will depend very much on the overall size of your order.

Blaster Mod Commissions

The lead time for a commission blaster mod of any kind will always be subject to the details of the commission, which is why I cannot state a time frame here. We will discuss the lead time for your specific request together before you place the order so we both are fully aware of the lead time agreed upon.

Possible Changes

I do try my hardest to keep those time frames and possibly improve on them. This could also mean that I am ready to ship a lot quicker than expected but also that circumstances arise which will lead to me not being able to ship in time. In this case I will inform you as soon as possible.

Shipping Services

I spent a long time trying to figure out the best, fastest and cheapest shipping options to all possible destinations. AS a result I use DHL, as the worlds largest logistics company. For international shipping I also use Hermes Borderguru, as it offers a cheaper, insured option for small international packages. The cheapest option will be automatically selected for you.

The shipping cost is calculated automatically by the webshop software. The shipping cost depends on the size and weight of the package. Since the calculation software does not do the actual packaging of the products the shipping costs might have to be adjusted afterwards if you combine multiple items that would put size or weight over a certain threshold. I try my best to make the software as accurate as possible but do ask for your understanding if an adjustment needs to be made.

The shipping costs include the delivery costs by the selected provider as well as cost for packaging materials.

If you notice that there is no shipping price available for your location, please let us know using our contact page. We will add a shipping price to your location as soon as possible. Shipping times differ from country to country.

Shipping Times

How long will it take for your order to arrive? That is a hard question to answer in normal times, but it has become even harder. In current times even a delivery within Germany can take up to a week. Unfortunately I can only tell you what the delivery companies tell me since its completely out of my hands. Depending on weather conditions and other external factors, shipping times may vary a lot. For more information please check the FAQ.

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