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LS-13 Firestrike

Firestrike LS-13

The Nerf Firestrike was, and probably still is my favourite one shot Nerf blaster out there. The fact that it comes with this cool tactical light is just awesome.
I got my hands on a used Firestrike quite early in my modding days ( start of 2018) and just had to paint it up in my colour scheme.

Firesrike LS-13 number Firestrike LS-13 side view

I took the blaster apart, as always, and painted the parts separatly. The gold/cooper front and priming handle are painted with Montana gold chrome colours, which turns matte when you hit it with a clear coat.
The purple parts have a spray paint base coat with Montana Black paints and the edges and details are hand painted using little model brushes.

Later, at my first ever Nerf hosted by the legendary Jefe 2.0 in Ulm we upgraded this blaster with a little bit of KS 140 brass in the front. I remember this event very well, I had no idea and met all those cool cats from the German nerf community. I did no nothing about brass and how to tune seals and stuff, so I had someone put the brass in for me. We also tried to upgrade the spring, but we could not get it apart. Reason for this was that I was to impatient when I painted the blaster and didn’t know anything about curing times. So I closed the shells to soon and the paint glued it together.

So its just a stock spring and a little piece of brass in this one.
However I still got placed in the top 5 in the shot out competition which I though was epic!

You can check out its appearance in this video.

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