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LS-12 Nerf RoughCut

LS-12 Nerf RoughCut

The RoughCut has been one of my favourite blasters from the start. So its no coincidence that the second mod in my paint scheme was a Nerf RoughCut. This all has been hand painted as well.

I build this paintjob exactly the same as all the other of my early blasters. So started with a purple base coat using Montana spray paints and then I build up the magenta and pink highlights using a mix of dry-brushing and ‘wet/dry-brushing’. I made this with a very fine brush to it took hours. Its also one of the reasons why I stopped this kind of paint scheme eventually.

All highlights and metallic accents are painted by hand as well using Citadel game colours and a very fine model brush. The Gold/bronze in the front of the blaster was done with Montana spay paints a well.
Over all I am pretty happy with that paintjob.

You can check out its appearance in this video.


LS12- Nerf RoughCut LS-12 Nerf RoughCut LS-12 close up

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