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Hardware Kit for the Gecko

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The Hardware kit for the Gecko includes all screws, o-rings, inserts and small parts needed to build the core blaster.

For more information on the upgrades/mods you can check their listings:
– Gecko springs
– Gecko barrels
– Gecko one piece plunger
– Gecko slide return mod

Choose your options bellow

Main Spring
Default spring is the RMP 4 Gecko - if you want to upgrade select your variant here
Barrel variant
Standard Barrel is 12cm
One piece plunger
Optional plunger upgrade made from POM-C/Delrin
Slide return spring mod
This additional spring will make the slide return automatically. Please check out my video on this before you buy it:
Magazine Hardware
Chose if you want Hardware for magazines as well
Hardware for Ambidextrous mag release
Hardware for Adiya/Lever mag release

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This is a hardware kit for the Gecko, a 3d printed blaster designed by Ehdrien.

Please see this video for UPDATES in HARDWARE & PRINTED PARTS

This kit only includes the hardware. No 3d printed parts, magazine or blaster are included.

This kit includes the 12cm barrel as standard and no main spring.
Please select the spring and optional barrel upgrade from the drop down menu.

If you want a printed parts kit or a fully assembled blaster, check out my other listings.

If you want the files check out Ehdriens Shop.

The RMP springs are made by a local industrial manufacturer and have been tested specifically for the Gecko. While Worker springs are made from a thin wire and get their strength from relatively steep winding, our springs have a stronger wire with more coils, so their strength lasts longer. Testing by multiple sources has shown that springs with a “weaker” rating compare to or even outperform worker springs in blasters. This is why our springs have a “weaker” nominal rating than Worker springs, we added the comparable worker spring for reference.

If you want multiple springs check out my spring swap upgrade.

I got silver and black cylinder screws sets available. Please select your option accordingly


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Dimensions 18 × 6 × 5 cm
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