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Hardware Kit for RICK.1 (metric only)


This hardware kit will include everything you need to mod ONE Rampage or Raider with our RICK.1 kit.

Hardware Kit for our RICK.1 mod kit

This hardware kit is for our RICK.1 mod kit. It includes all hardware needed to build one complete RICK.1

Please select if you are planning on building a Raider or Rampage, as they have different hardware.

The kits will include a 50cm piece of 16mm PVC pipe which you can cut down to which ever length of storage barrel you desire.

It will also come with a prebuild brass inline clip section to add into your PVC pipe. This inline clip is intended for the stock spring or up to 5kg tuning springs. If you are planning to use anything higher than that, please leave me a note.

For assembly please refer to these videos:

Internal parts installation

Body kit installation

This kit does NOT include any 3d printed parts or blasters!
You can get your 3d printed parts here or buy the files and print it yourself!

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Rampage or Raider

Rampage, Raider

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