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BritNerf MOSFET Board (incl. components)


A MOSFET switch handles high currents in flywheel builds, ideal for Demolishers.

With a MOSFET you can use the original blaster switches when upgraded to higher currents.

The BritNerf MOSFET board simplifies MOSFET use in blasters with high-quality, easy-to-use PCBs and enhanced current capacity.

The kit includes the BritNerf Board, an 80A MOSFET, rectifier diode, and 10k resistor.

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The BritNerf MOSFET board simplifies using a MOSFET in your electronic blasters.

Designed by Boff from the BritNerf community and produced by Viking Foam Arms, these high-quality PCBs eliminate the need to solder directly to component pins and are designed to be foolproof (though please don’t take that as a challenge). This new design features double the copper on the tracks, allowing it to handle higher current loads than its predecessor.

The kit includes the BritNerf MOSFET Board, an 80A MOSFET, resistor diode and a 10k resistor.

A MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) functions as an electronic switch, similar to a relay, and allows you to control high currents. They are particularly useful in flywheel builds for managing the motor’s current while maintaining the original trigger switches. This is especially beneficial for Demolishers, where routing heavy gauge wire can be challenging.

Although installing MOSFETs can be somewhat complex for beginners, they offer a cost-effective alternative to high current microswitches. The chosen MOSFET is highly versatile, capable of handling up to 80A continuous current and 320A in bursts. With a low gate threshold of 3-6V, it can easily be triggered by a logic signal from an Arduino board, making it an excellent choice for brushless motor builds.

If you just want the MOSFET components, click here.

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