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Machined Aluminium barrels for the Gecko


These barrels are made to order, so please allow 2-4 weeks from your point of purchase until they are ready to deliver.

These machined aluminum barrels are a premium upgrade for your Gecko.

They are available in multiple different options (see description below).
The SCAR barrels are NOT strung be default! Since this is and additional step you have to select the strung version (if available) if you don’t want to string them yourself.

The over all design was a combined effort of several modders in the German Nerf community and the final barrels are produced by my friend and business partner Wurstwerfer.

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Machined aluminium Gecko upgrade barrels! THE premium upgrade for your Gecko blaster!

The machined barrel combine the aesthetics and style of the 15cm barrel with an effective inner barrel performance of 12cm (or 10) meaning you get the great looks and the decent performance!
Starting from the plain upgrade we added several variations, the air holes for more style points and the SCAR (with an integrated MEDUSA SCAR) barrels for more accuracy.
If you don’t know about MEDUSA, she is a crazy scientist from the German Nerf community and developed this SCAR design over years. It’s the same design Flatten and I use in our resin printed SCARs.

Watch the video for more information

For more information about looks and performance I have a full video on my YouTube channel.

All of these barrels replace your existing Gecko barrel and need to be glued into the turn around. Since they all are full length they don’t need a barrel brace installed.

The SCAR variants will need a new catch housing. You can download the files for free on Thingiverse.

You will also need 0,35mm monofilament fishing wire to build the SCAR (unless you buy them strung).

This upgrade is also available in combination with any hardware kits or Gecko orders. If you want to add this to your order, get in touch!

All barrels are made to order and since I don’t machine them in house, I will collect the orders and pass them on every week. So a longer wait/production time might occur.

If you want to order larger amounts of those aluminium Gecko upgrade barrels, feel free to get in touch.

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Barrel variants

15/10 plain, 15/12 plain, 15/12 airholes, 15/12 SCAR, 15/12 SCAR strung, 17/12 airholes, 17/12 The whole Shebang, 17/12 The whole Shebang strung, 19/13 plain, 19/13 SCAR, 19/13 SCAR strung

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