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Gecko Slide Return Mod – Spring only


This spring is placed over the barrel to make the slide return to its forward position automatically.
It adds style point to your Gecko and gameplay!


Make sure to watch my video on it!

Available on backorder

Gecko Slide Return Spring Mod

The Gecko Slide return spring mod is a really cool mod for your Gecko blaster. While it is not a performance upgrade it adds style points!
This is a really cool mod if you are using your Gecko in LARP or Cosplay because it adds some form of realism to the blaster.

You can watch a full video on this mod right here.

As stated in the video, you do this mod at your own risk. While it looks really cool and is very easy to install I have only been testing this for a few weeks. I cannot say how it will impact the blaster, its performance or its internals in the long run.

Of course you can add this mod to your Gecko configurator.

As always, mod your blasters at your own risk. Rainbow Mods & Props cannot be held responsible for any damage to you or your blaster which occurred during modding and/or using a modded blaster.
And with this mod in particular, be careful when playing with this in public. Though your Gecko might not necessarily look like a real gun, it could be mistaken for one. As such it is completely the responsibility of the buyer in how it is handled.
Rainbow ModsandProps cannot be responsible if anything occurs as a result of this being handled as a real gun.

Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 2 cm
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