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RMP Springs for the Gecko


The RMP springs for the Gecko were specifically chosen after extensive testing in different setups.

Each spring is suited for a different game type.

With my spring swap upgrade mod, having multiple springs makes your Gecko much more versatile.

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These are the RMP Gecko springs. You can buy with a complete Gecko, with the hardware kits or individually.

These springs are manufactured in Germany and have been tested and selected by me to fit the Gecko. It’s important to note that I do not assure any compatibility with other 3d printed blasters or Nerf blasters.
However you may try at your own risk.
Some customers report using them in things like a Spamf with great success. (If you have any other great use for these, let me know and I will add it here)

The RMP Gecko springs:

RMP 4 ‘baby spring’ is just higher than standard elite performance
RMP 5 ‘Larp spring’ is considered ok for LARP by the German Larp rules ( max 100 fps)
RMP 6 – NEW!- has just a little more power than the RMP 5 but not a heavy prime as the RMP 8
RMP 8 ‘Endwar spring’ is safe to use at Endwar according to their rules (max 130 fps)
RMP 9 Is a high power spring, tougher than the Worker 12kg

While Worker springs are made from a thin wire and get their strength from relatively steep winding, our RMP springs have a stronger wire with more coils, so their strength lasts longer. Testing by multiple sources has shown that springs with a “weaker” rating compare to or even outperform worker springs in blasters. This is why our springs have a “weaker” nominal rating than Worker springs, we added the comparable worker spring for reference.

With my spring swap upgrade you can swap springs in less than 75 seconds and therefor have your Gecko ready for any game type in no time.

Mod blasters at your own risk and be careful when you do so! Installation requires very little modding experience.

Rainbow Mods and Props is not responsible for any damage done to your blaster in the process of modification.

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RMP 4 Gecko, RMP 5 Gecko, RMP 6 Gecko, RMP 8 Gecko, RMP 9 Gecko

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