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Nerf Rampage/Raider Inline Clip Kit Mk1 – RICK.1 – FILES ONLY!


FILE VERSION – Digital files only! – There will be NO PHYSICAL PARTS OR BLASTER shipped to you! Once you bought the files we can not offer you a refund.

Nerf Rampage/Raider Inline Clip Kit Mk1 – RICK.1 – FILES ONLY!

FILE VERSION – Digital files only!

The Rampage/Raider Inline Clip Kit Mk1 (RICK.1) transforms your NERF Rampage/Raider into a breech loading inline clip blaster. You will reload this mod through the jamdoor to give you the real shotgun feel.

This is not a performance mod but a cosmetic mod!
It adds the coolness factor to your Rampage/Raider! Ideal for LARP and Cosplay as well as the Nerfer who knows that style points matter.

RICK.1 files kit overview:

This kit includes digital files only. It includes all necessary and some optional files as well as a printing instruction.
Physical parts, blaster & hardware are NOT included.

All parts can be printed within 200 x 150 x 160mm build space. Ender 3 or similar are sufficient.

By purchasing this digital product, you agree to the following:
– You may not redistribute the contents of this digital product
– You may not make alterations to this digital product
– You have unlimited personal use of this digital product
– You are eligible to receive potential updates for parts already included in this kit at no extra cost
– You may use the included files for building for others at cost of filament only
– You may not sell files or printed versions of them. If you are interested in a commercial license get in touch.

This kit will require some modification to the blaster and therefore some tools and skills to install. To make it easier, we have two in-depth installation videos for you:

Internal parts installation

Body kit installation

For US customers, we now have a version of the internals to fit 3/4 inch polycarbonate tubes.


To complete this build you will need additional hardware:
– 2x 15×1,5mm O-rings
– KS140 (17/32) & KS141 (9/16) brass
– 16x1mm PVC (16mm OD and 14mm ID – KS141(9/16) should fit in very snug)
or 3/4inch polycarbonate tube
– super glue and possibly tape
– 16x M3 nuts flat
– M3 countersunk screws (6x10mm, 4x12mm, 4x16mm & 2x20mm)
– M2,5 x25mm countersunk screw (recommended)

The total amount of screws may vary depending on which parts you decide to use.
The length for the 16mm PVC inline clip barrel will depend on your liking. Longer barrel means more darts but less performance.
The amount of brass will depend on your way of building an inline clip.

For this kit to work you will have to know how to build and inline clip and build one yourself. This is designed for a brass inline clip that goes into the 16mm pvc pipe. Please watch the videos for reference.

General information

This kit was designed by FlattentheSkyline and Rainbow Mods & Props.

There are three sets of files. All of them include the body kit. The only difference are the internal parts. You can select Rampage, Raider or both.
If you don’t have a printed you can buy the printed parts here.

Warning: This kit will change the appearance of your blaster to look more like a real weapon. When installing the kit make sure to add necessary precaution (orange tip, etc.) according to your local law and use responsibly.

Though this does not necessarily look like a real gun, it could be mistaken for one. As such it is completely the responsibility of the buyer in how it is handled.
Rainbow ModsandProps cannot be held responsible if anything occurs as a result of this being handled or mistaken as a real gun.

The Installation requires a bit of modding experience. Mod your blaster at your own risk!

Rainbow Mods and Props is not responsible for any damage done to you or your blaster in the process of modification.


Rampage or Raider

Rampage, Raider, Rampage & Raider

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