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Silicone Motor Spacers/Dampeners for Flywheel Blasters


Sold as one pair.

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Silicone Motor Spacers for Flywheelers

Silicone motor spacers are needed in flywheel cages with thinner walls (mostly metal cages and cast plastic cages) to make sure motors are installed in the correct positions. Some cages, like the Worker(*) and Containment Cages are thinner than others on the motor mounting face. This means that motors with ball bearings, like Fang ReVamped(*) and Krakens will stick out farther and impede flywheel alignment. This spacer eliminates this issue and also will reduce sound slightly as well as make the motors sounds less rattly.

When you install these in your blaster you may need to use longer motor screws. The silicone spacers are compatible with all aftermarket flywheel cages.

Sold as one pair.

Installation requires a bit of modding experience. Mod your blaster at your own risk and with adult supervision!

Rainbow Mods and Props is not responsible for any damage done to you or your blaster in the process of modification.

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