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The Gecko by Ehdrien – Complete Blaster Configurator

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I can NOT offer full build Geckos currently. Only DIY-kits are available at this point.

The current wait/production time is 2-4 weeks. All parts are made to your order so that’s why the lead time might increase or decrease depending on the situation.

To make sure you we have everything right for your personal Gecko please work your way through the selections below. If you have any questions about those selection feel free to contact me.

For more information on the upgrades/mods you can check their listings:
Gecko springs
Gecko barrels
Gecko one piece plunger
Gecko slide return mod
Gecko wood PLA grip

The images on the right show my personal Gecko. This one is not for sale, it’s just here for reference.

Core Setup:

Main Spring
Default spring is the RMP 4 Gecko - if you want to upgrade please select below
Barrel variant
Optional upgrade - Standard barrel is 12cm
Optional one piece plunger upgrade
Slide Return spring mod
This additional spring will make the slide return automatically. Please check out this before you select this mod:
Printed Magazine
Since the Gecko works with angled Talon magazines the standard blaster does NOT include a printed magazine. If you want one please select it here.

3D printed foam dart blaster – Built just for you!

My I present, the Gecko by Ehdrien – Complete Blaster
Original description:

“Presenting the Gecko! A 3D printed, spring powered, foam dart launching blaster with a compact form factor inspired by the pistol “Lizzie’ from Cyberpunk 2077. It features a mag-in-grip design that is compatible with Worker Angled Talon magazines (3D printed magazine option also available).”

This listing is for one blaster kit. The blaster is the pictures is NOT for sale. It’s my personal Gecko blaster and just for reference.

Since the blaster is made to your order, you have so many options:
– You can choose the colour of printed parts.
– Choose your style of trigger
– Choose your style of grip
– You can choose the type of spring you want to use.
– There is a number of potential upgrades (Barrel, plunger, mag release, sight options, etc…)
– You can also choose if you want a printed magazine or not.
– Black or silver screws available for the build.

With all these choices the list becomes quite intense. If you have any questions about the options listed make sure to get in touch.
If you have a special colour scheme in mind you can always use the ‘describe the rest of your colour scheme’ option to explain it further.

All of the Geckos I built have my spring swap mod installed so you can easily swap your main spring. If you want additional springs please check out my hardware listings.

As stated above, the current lead time for a complete Gecko is between 5 and 8 weeks. If this listing is out of stock you can still get in touch about a personal built through the contact form.

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 23 × 6 cm