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Modded Zuru Reflex 6 ~ LS-75


Modded Zuru Reflex 6 including:
– 8-round cylinder by RadioactivesDesigns
– Basic Zuru Relfex 6 Perfomance Kit by RadioactivesDesigns
– Side panels & the most comfortable Reflex 6 Trigger by Wurstwerfer

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This is a modded Zuru Reflex 6 blaster. Not only is it a really awesome toy by itself, but this one has gotten several upgrades.
It include cosmetic upgrades as well as functional ones.


The capacity has been upgraded using RadioactivesDesigns 8-round cylinder mod. It also has the basic Zuru upgrade kit installed. So it comes with a Dead Space Remover, Plunger head filler and spring spacer installed already. This is paired with an upgraded 5kg spring and in terms of performance the blaster is still fine within toy law regulations and also LARP safe.


On the cosmetic side of things it features the side panels and the most comfortable trigger for the Zuru Reflex 6 by WurstWerfer.
This trigger gives the blaster such an  amazing feel over all.

To top of the amazing of look this modded Zuru Reflex 6 I hand painted this blaster myself. The base coat is done using Montana spay paints and the detail work is done with a combination of airbrush and Gilding Wax to create the rugged and used look. To finish the pain job I added a 3-layer clear coat finish to offer protection to the paint job as well as creating a higher durability during use.


General Information

All functional blasters can be made non functional if you want to use it for Cosplay purposes only. If want this changed, just leave a note with the purchased item and I will change it accordingly. However, allow longer process times for individual orders. Also all items with individual changes made to them will be treated as custom orders and can no longer be returned.

Though this does not necessarily look like a real gun, it could be mistaken for one. As such it is completely the responsibility of the buyer in how it is handled.
Rainbow ModsandProps cannot be responsible if anything occurs as a result of this being handled as a real gun.

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 29 × 18 × 6 cm

metallic blue

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