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Zuru Kickback/Recoil Upgrade Kit


Big upgrade kit for one of the most fun blasters ever made.

Turn your Zuru Kickback/Recoil into a powerful sidearm.

Zuru Kickback/Recoil Upgrade Kit

This is a fantastic kit to transform the Zuru Kickback/Recoil into a powerful single shot blaster.

The kit includes five 3d printed parts ( two dart holders, tac rail, barrel shroud, internal barrel) and a 4 inch piece of KS 140 brass.
The blaster and darts are not included. Though if you need either message me 😉

This is a drop in kit, so you only need to open the blaster, take out the old barrel and put in the new one and the new rail. Don’t lose a spring when putting it back together though 😉
With short darts this setup hits between 90 and 100 fps on the stock Zuru spring!

This kit was designed by FoamDemic and is licensed to sell through my shop.

If you have any more questions, just ask.

Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 cm
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