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Zuru Xshot Reflex 6 Mega XL Barrel


Turn your Zuru Xshot Reflex 6 into a shield buster with this Mega XL barrel by RadioactivesDesigns

Zuru Xshot Reflex 6 Mega XL barrel

This Reflex 6 cylinder allows you to fire Mega XL darts! Destroy shields with style! Also fire elite darts out of the middle of the spigot!

You don’t have to make any cuts on your Reflex 6 to install this barrel. Just open the blaster and swap if for the original one.
However, you need to remove the AR from the Plunger for this barrel to work. Stock spring performance is about 30fps! No other modification needed. I recommend using this together with one of the upgrade kits for the Reflex 6 also designed by RadioactivesDesigns.

The Rotator doesn’t have to be glued in

Compatible with: Zuru Xshot Reflex 6, Adventure Force Destroyer


Weight 0,08 kg
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 7 cm
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