Fiber Optic Gecko Sight


Upgrade your Gecko with this fiber optic style sight by Taffert Designs.

Sight ONLY! no blaster included 😉

Fiber Optic Gecko Sight

The fiber optic Gecko sight was designed by Taffert Designs and is a really cool upgrade to your Gecko.
The sight profile overall is kept pretty slim and actually about the same size as the original sight.

It utilizes pieces of translucent filament to create that fiber optic sight effect.

The sight will come printed on your colour of choice, with your choice of translucent filament sticks and three mounting screws needed to install the kit.
Please select the colours accordingly.

This sight is also available in a full Gecko kit.

Weight 0,005 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm

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