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Gecko BIG Pump Grip


Upgrade your Gecko with the most comfortable pump grip you will ever use on this blaster!

Introducing the Gecko BIG PUMP grip by RMP and Peter Oksa. This grip is my recommendation for the Gecko Carbine Kit setup!

Gecko Big Pump Setup

The Gecko Big Pump Grip

The Gecko Big Pump Grip is most likely the most comfortable pump grip I have ever used. It is my go to choice when building a Gecko Carbine Kit blaster and I do highly recommend this pump grip if you are looking to build a pump grip Gecko for comfort when using it.

The original design is by Peter Oksa and him and I have worked together on this upgraded RMP version of this grip. I am super happy to bring you this awesome big pump grip for your Gecko blasters. This will fit any 3D printed Gecko so you can upgrade your existing blaster with this beast!

IF you want to know more about this and other Gecko pump grips available, check out this video.


Take of the original priming handle, SAFE the screws. Check out this video for disassembly tips.
Take of the bottom rail and then simply slide on the new base and install it in the same way you would the original grip.

Tools required:

– Allen keys
– Philips Head Screwdriver



– The parts are designed by Peter Oksa and Rainbow Mods&Props and are fully licensed to be sold in my shops.

– Pictured Blasters not included

– Gecko 2.0 kits/blasters will be made to order so allow 2-4 weeks production time

– Modify blasters at your own risk

– Rainbow Mods and Props is not responsible for any damage done to your blaster or yourself in the process of modification.

– WARNING: Installing this mod changes the look of your blaster and although this does not necessarily look like a real firearm, it could be mistaken for one. As such it is completely the responsibility of the buyer in how it is handled. When installing mod kits make sure to add necessary precaution (orange tip, etc.) according to your local law and use responsibly.

– Rainbow Mods and Props cannot be responsible if anything occurs as a result of this being handled as a real gun.

– Rainbow Mods and Props has no affiliation with Hasbro, Nerf or any of their respective affiliates.

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 10 cm


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