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All Gecko parts named for easier colour choice

Gecko Blaster Parts detailed

All Gecko parts named, so that you can choose colours easier!

Aloha friends,

I have uploaded an new picture naming all the parts of the Gecko that you can choose in your specific colour. I hope this makes the configurator a lot more understandable and will lead to less confusion about which part is which.

In the picture you can see how all the parts are named so you can clearly communicate which part you want to be a certain colour. There are of course a few more internal parts that are not visible on the outside unless the blaster is either primed, half way primed or the magazine is taken out. I normally just print them according to your main colour choices so everything matches with the overall look. But in case you want them in a specific colour, here is a list of the internal parts:

  • Catch
  • Plunger Rod
  • Plunger head & spacer
  • Pusher
  • Magazine follower

You can always check out my Gecko Build Tutorial Video for the reference of those parts and where they go in the blaster.

I hope this addition is helpful to you guys and makes it easier to put your colour choices in the configurator. Always make sure to check out the available filaments list to see what colour you can potentially choose from.

If you have any other questions regarding the parts and or colour choices feel free to use the contact form to get in touch.

Thanks for reading this update and for considering to order through my shop!

Love and sunshine,

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