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Bearing SCARS (BCAR) by Shanye


Make your blaster more accurate with these amazing BCARs from SHANYE.

They come on different sizes and angles. Make sure to read the description to get the right one for your blaster.

I will do a review video about these BCARs very soon!

Shanye BCAR – Bearing ‘SCARS’

BCARs or Bearing ‘SCARs’ are little devices which you put on the front end of your blaster barrel that will give the dart spin as it passes through. Therefor the blaster becomes more accurate. The SCAR was the standard for many year, yet refers to a String that induces the rotation. With BCAR it is very small bearings instead of the name, hence BCAR not SCAR. (I might do a blog post on the differences in the future)

The BCARs by Shanye are available in different variants, sizes and different angles of ‘twist’, but all BCARs aim to stabilize the dart as it leaves the barrel in the same way. Please not that installing this device will not mean that you hit every single time. It also depends on the darts used, external factors as well as your over all target shooting skills 😉 .

The different variants are MINI, MINI-C, SUP and SUP-L as shown in the pictures.
The MINI has a cap that can be printed in a different colour and also acts as a cover for the bearings.
The MINI-C is designed to go into barrels with an inner diameter of 26mm or larger, but are otherwise the same as the MINI just without the cap.
The SUP and SUP-L are suppressor style BCARs, hence the name, and therefore slightly bigger. The SUP-L version is also shown in the GECKO 2.0 video, so check that out for size reference.

For the MINI-C, SUP and SUP-L Variant I offer a two colour print option so you can print your orange tip (or any other colour really) into your BCAR.

The creator gave me these recommendations regarding angle/fps:
5 degrees for under 90 fps,
8 degrees for 90 to 120 fps,
10 degrees for 120 to 160 fps,
15 degrees for 160 to 180 fps,
20 degrees for over 180 fps.

However, in our own testing we could verify that the 10° MINI as well as the 10° SUP, SUP-L BCAR handle blasters mid and high fps range blasters just fine and produce similar (if not identical) results to the 15 and 20 degree variants while also doing a great job in the 90-120 fps range. So if you are looking for a one-size-fits-all solution, those are the best option for you. Otherwise I recommend going with the designers choice, but that is up to you.


The installation of the BCARs to your barrel will vary depending on the version you have. The MINIs are just friction fit onto the barrel, the SUP have additional set screws to make sure they stay in place.

Tools required:
– set of Allen keys
– maybe a pair of plyers



– This part/kit is designed by Shanye and is fully licensed to sell in my shops.

– Blaster not included

– 3d printed parts will be made to order so allow 2-3 weeks production time

– Modify blasters at your own risk

– Rainbow Mods and Props is not responsible for any damage done to your blaster or yourself in the process of modification.

– WARNING: Installing this mod changes the look of your blaster and although this does not necessarily look like a real firearm, it could be mistaken for one. As such it is completely the responsibility of the buyer in how it is handled. When installing mod kits make sure to add necessary precaution (orange tip, etc.) according to your local law and use responsibly.

– Rainbow Mods and Props cannot be responsible if anything occurs as a result of this being handled as a real gun.

– Rainbow Mods and Props has no affiliation with Hasbro, Nerf or any of their respective affiliates.

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Dimensions 16 × 5 × 5 cm
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