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Accu-Nub PCAR by DetroitDartworks


The Accu-Nub PCAR by DetroitDartworks is a fully 3D printed rifled muzzle for foam dart blasters.

In terms of accuracy and performance it is on a par with the Worker Tube SCAR! There are different variants of the Accu-Nub for many different blaster types!

50% Rifling, 50% collet, 100% 3D Printed. No strings attached.

The Accu-Nub PCAR

Designed by DetroitDartworks this fully printed little device puts a nice spin on your darts. Since it has no strings it is not a SCAR but a PCAR.

The Accu-Nub PCAR is a fully 3D printed rifled muzzle for foam dart blasters. The “Tetra-Twist” rifling combines 4 constant points of contact to center darts and apply spin to them as they leave the barrel of a blaster, improving accuracy, with a shortened contact area to reduce unnecessary fps loss. A rock solid OldFusionDesigns style collet keeps the Accu-Nub firmly gripping the barrel so you can play without any fear of your muzzle falling off.

The Accu-Nub comes in different variants. The standard one can be installed on any standard 16mm OD barrel with as little as 1.4″ of exposed barrel. There is also an optional version for 17/32 (KS140) brass barrels. There is also a version for the Cheetah 2.0 One Pull kit, the SuperSPAMF and the SuperSpecialSPAMF kit as well as the Dartzone Pro and Adventure Force blasters.

When tested against a Worker Tube SCAR (which technically is not a SCAR either since it ahs no strings) I found that the Accu-Nub performs pretty much on a par when tested with the most common dart types in the hobby.

NOTE: The Accu-Nub was designed and tested for/with short darts.


The installation and tools required will vary depending on the version you have.

Standard version for 16mm or 17/32 brass:
1. Place the Collet over the end of the barrel with the threads facing away from the blaster
2. Insert the collet insert for your barrel type with the “long” side facing the end of the barrel
3. Place the Accu-Nub on the end of the barrel.
4. Screw the Collet and Accu-Nub together, keeping the Accu-Nub seated against the end of the barrel as you do so. The collet will compress the collet insert to grip the barrel and prevent the Accu-Nub from sliding or falling off.

Cheetah 2.0 One Pull kit version:
1. Make sure the Front of the One Pull kit is in place over the barrel of the Cheetah 2.0.
2. Slide the collet insert from your Cheetah 2.0 One Pull kit onto the barrel.
3. Place the Accu-Nub over the barrel of the Cheetah 2.0 and slide it down until the barrel seats in place.
4. Screw the Accu-Nub down into the Front of the Cheetah One Pull Kit. This should draw the Front of the One Pull kit towards the end of the barrel.
5. Once tightened, proceed with installation of the One Pull kit.

SuperSPAMF Version:
1. Remove the muzzle from SuperSPAMF.
2. Place the PRO muzzle over the barrel, making sure it seats evenly against the spamf barrel
3. Insert the 2 m2.6 toy screws that secured the previous muzzle into the holes on the front of the muzzle.
4. Using an appropriate length Philips head screwdriver, tighten the screws to secure the muzzle in place.

Dartzone Pro/Adventure Force version:
1. Push the Accu-Nub into the muzzle of the blaster until it bottoms out against the barrel.
2. See step 1.

Tools required:

– Set of Allen keys


General Information:

– This part/kit is designed by Detroit Dartworks and is fully licensed to be sold in my shops.

– Blaster not included

– 3d printed parts will be made to order so allow 2-3 weeks production time

– Modify blasters at your own risk

– Rainbow Mods and Props is not responsible for any damage done to your blaster or yourself in the process of modification.

– WARNING: Installing this mod changes the look of your blaster and although this does not necessarily look like a real firearm, it could be mistaken for one. As such it is completely the responsibility of the buyer in how it is handled. When installing mod kits make sure to add necessary precaution (orange tip, etc.) according to your local law and use responsibly.

– Rainbow Mods and Props cannot be responsible if anything occurs as a result of this being handled as a real gun.

– Rainbow Mods and Props has no affiliation with Hasbro, Nerf or any of their respective affiliates.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Accu-Nub varaints

Standard (16mm barrel), Standard (17/32 brass barrel), Cheetah 2.0 One Pull Kit, SuperSPAMF Pro muzzle, Dartzone/Adventure Force blasters, Dartzone Pro Tomcat

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