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Out of office – Vacation 2021

out of office RMP vacation

Out of office until 1st of September

Aloha friends,
thank you for stopping by. We are out of office/ on vacation until the 1st of September.
The shop will remain active though and will also get some scheduled updates. However all new order coming in won’t be started until the first week of September. So please expect that delay to your order.

New stuff coming in… Stay tuned

I am also very happy to announce that I got plenty of new stuff coming in once we are back from our well-deserved break. There will be new upgrades to the Gecko yet again but also a ton of new products, kits and upgrade parts for your blasters! We are planning to have our complete offer from Etsy available on here within September but also planning on adding roughly 50 more products within the first two months after our vacation.
So stay tuned, there is lots of goodies coming in!

Thank you so much for understanding, we hope you have a great summer! (or winter if you are on the other half of the planet 😉 )

Love and sunshine,

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