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I AM BACK! – Little update on the situation

I am back Update post

I Am Back after my summer vacation / time off

Aloha friends!
I am happy to say that I am finally back in the office and back in the shop! Its been quite a busy summer break as I organized an archery holiday and then planned, organized and ran a little circus and music festival in Southern Germany. I planned to be back after that but then my internet company decided to cut the wire for another 10 days.

If you want to know more, check out this video!

The last two weeks I spent catching up on all the orders and mail that came in during the time I was away. Thank you everyone for their support and your patience! The final orders should be ready to ship within this week so I am looking forward to notifying all of you really soon.

New products to come!

Now that I am finally back I plan to upload new products to the shop every week. As stated in the video I have literally tons of new products waiting to be added to the shop and I hope you love all of them! The entire process will take some time though and because I am restarting the Youtube videos at the same time and working on orders and new project please be patient.

New partnerships!

I am very excited to say that there has been some interesting developments over summer. Even though I was away, I was not completely out of touch with the community and I am happy to report that there are some exciting new partnerships in the making that will bring even more cool stuff to the shop. So stay tuned for that as well!

New projects

On top of all of that I have been  busy working on several new projects together with some very talented people. I will have a new kit for yet another blaster coming out really soon and I can’t wait to share it with you. Just tweeking the final stages so we are almost there.

I am very excited to be back and I am looking forward to the next few months. Thank you for all the support and until I see you next time,


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