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Spring Spacer for Nerf Hammershot


Spring Spacer for the Nerf Hammershot blaster.
Random colour

Upgrade the performance of your Nerf Hammershot with this 3D printed spring spacer.
The spacer is a specific light weight design for minimal weight addition to the priming system.  It is very easy to install into your Nerf Hammershot. Simply open the blaster, remove the spring, slide the spacer on the pole and insert the spring again.

The spacer is designed to work with the stock Nerf Hammershot spring and any spring with the same dimensions. It over close to maximum pre-compression of the spring when primed.

For even more potential improvement I recommend installing this spring spacer together with the Hammershot Dead Space Remover.

Go and check out this Youtube video for more information on the installation and related parts.

Since this part is not visible you will get a random colour unless otherwise specified in your order.


This part was designed by RadioactiveDesigns and I have the license to sell it in my shop.

Installation requires very little modding experience. Mod your blaster at your own risk!

Rainbow Mods and Props is not responsible for any damage done to your blaster in the process of modification.


Weight 0,002 kg
Dimensions 0,12 × 0,12 × 0,13 cm
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