The TRAVELLER ~ Complete Build ~ Customizable Nerf BigShock Inline Clip Mod


The Traveller BigShock Inline clip Kit turns the Mega BigShock into a short dart inline clip blaster.
It comes in a four dart or six dart version and has multiple other customization options.

The blasters in the pictures are not included, they are only there for reference.

If you order the complete build of the Traveller the mod will be created just for you!


The TRAVELLER is an inline clip mod for the NERF BigShock.

It transforms the Nerf BigShock into a short dart / elite dart pistol blaster with up to six shots.

Full video here:

The Traveller BigShock Inline Clip is is available as a four (short) dart version and a six (short) dart version. Both of those variants are individually customizable in their appearance with different frontends, silencers, top and bottom rails, optional fake red dot sight and custom name plates.
Make sure to check out all the options and pictures for reference.

The Traveller BigShock Inline Clip

This means you will get a completed build of the Traveller in the variant you select in your order. I will build yout blaster for upon order so please allow some more production time. You can choose if you want the BigShock parts painted or not.

For the 3d printed parts you have free choice of colours, so make sure to check out the list of available filaments.

Compared to the four dart version, which is a solid front piece, the six dart version has screw in silencers/frontends. This means you can theoretically have more of them and swap them as you like. Its more of a LARP gameplay feature to have a screw in silencer on a Nerf blaster that actually has some type of function. But with the screw in frontends you can also get a four short end so you can switch between six and four shot capacity as you like.

All mods also include a spring spacer for the BigShock to boost the performance a bit 😉

If you have your own BigShock and want to build it yourself check out the DIY Kit right here.

Additional information

This mod is based on the amazing work of the TimETraveller and marks the beginning of our collaboration.
Everything is licensed to be sold in my shops.

Though this does not necessarily look like a real gun, it could be mistaken for one. As such it is completely the responsibility of the buyer in how it is handled.
Rainbow Mods and Props cannot be responsible if anything occurs as a result of this being handled as a real gun.

Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 15 × 8 cm